PS-4 Extreme Duty Engine Oil Change Kit 2881697

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This convenient oil change kit includes everything you need to change your oil. PS-4 Extreme Duty engine oil is exclusively recommended for Polaris RZR TURBO models due to the oil's improved performance with respect to the elevated oil temperatures associated with oil flow through the turbocharger.

Includes 3 quarts (2.8 L) PS-4 Extreme Duty oil and one (1) Oil Filter PN 2520799

PLEASE NOTE: Some RZR TURBO models were produced with the 2540086 oil filter fitted, however the advice from Polaris is now to use the 2520799 oil filter across RZR TURBO models. This is because the 2520799 oil filter is shorter and easier to change when using an oil filter socket wrench.

Fits the following models:
All RZR TURBO (2016-2021+);
All RZR PRO XP (2020-2021+);