Harness Repair Kit - Injector Bosch - Prostar SOHC

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This connector kit suits the fuel injector on specific Polaris engines. Sometimes the wires can become damaged where they entre the back of the connector. This may be due to mishandling, incorrect wiring support, or excessive vibration caused by a failed engine mount in some cases. We stock this uncommon Bosch connector to help get your vehicle running again as soon as possible.

Intermittent faults with this connector can be checked by idling the engine, then tugging gently on the wires behind this plug in multiple directions. If the engine stalls or misses, then you may have found your fault.

Kit includes:
1x Connector body.
2x Pins.
2x Wire seals.

Farmhand 450 (2017-2020);
Sportsman 450 (2017-2021);
Ranger 500 (2017-2022);
Ranger 1000 (2020-2023+) (strictly not XP 1000 models);