Universal CV Boot Kit

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Universal CV boot kit. Includes one boot, clamps, and moly grease.

This CV boot is multi-fit and is compatible with all Polaris half shafts which we are aware of. The large end of the boot has three clamping diameters, so that you can fit it to your particular CV joint, then trim off the excess for a neat fit. The small end is flexible enough to suit virtually all shafts.

The boot is a stretch fit boot, which means that with the proper tooling, the boot can be expanded over the entire CV joint to avoid shaft disassembly. Get in touch with us if you need your driveshafts serviced. The silicone type material is very flexible and resistant to ageing and cracking, while maintaining a good level of puncture resistance.

Kotek molybdenum disulfide grease is included (Made in USA). The grease pouch has a built in nozzle to help with properly filling the CV joint. Smooth finish band clamps are included. 

Coming soon: band clamp tensioning/installation tool.

Polaris PN TE555.